Install page update

I have updated the install page to reflect the changes needed when dealing with modern 64bit versions of Linux distributions.

Multiarch, as desirable as it is, makes life more complicated in most cases. When things did „just work“, at least from the users point of view, with the workarounds that were there for many years, you now have to take care of the necessary software yourself.

I would like to update the Mandrake / Mageia part and add sections for Slackware and Arch, but I doubt I will find the time to dig into thick installation manuals to provide them. As I never have used any of them I’m a bloody beginner in even the easiest steps.

If you are a user of those or another Linux distribution not listed here and you have got an installation procedure (same package lists of course) I will be happy to post your solution with (or without) your name on it.

16. Juni 2013 von fangorn
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Please check your installations. Toolbox was incomplete.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but the last upload of the toolbox was not completed.

Please download again to make the scripts actually work.


16. Juni 2013 von fangorn
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bug fix release

I have just released a bugfix release of the toolbox, avi2mkv and bluray-info.

avi2mkv is now tested on linux – if you don’t count the new DVD muxing features.

bluray-info is now tested on Windows.

21. April 2013 von fangorn
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ebuilds updated

Good news for Gentoo Linux users.

A portage overlay is now available that can install all the scripts. Also the install page has been updated.


08. April 2013 von fangorn
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Bug fix releases


after a busy weekend here are some bug fixes.

avi2mkv now does no longer convert TrueHD audio to stereo AC3 when extract core is active. As no core audio stream can be extracted, a parallel AC3 audio stream of the same language is used instead.

riptoh264 has support for -A -L <sec> again. Also the problem with whitspace in filenames is solved.

Additionally the config file now has an option to specify the number of parallel jobs for riptoh264 too.

The install script is now on MacOS X correcting the perl path to the MacPorts version automatically. Also it changes the permissions of the additionally installed helper programs to make them executable.

Have fun,



07. April 2013 von fangorn
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Windows Base Install update

I have updated the windows base install ZIP file.

It now contains BDSup4Sub again.

Also it features Desktop icons for menc and riptoh264 that are copied by the install process to the Desktop of the current user. If you drop input files (or in case of riptoh264 ISO images or Directories containing DVD data structures) on those buttons they will be processed according to the settings in the config file. Multiple input will be processed one after the other, unless you have the –jobs setting bigger than 1 set in the config file. In that case <jobs> input files are processed in parallel.

A fresh installation can be done by right-click -> SaveAs and extracting this file to c:\fangorn and double-clicking on install.cmd.

Also there are beta versions of Desktop icons for other Operating systems. They are according to standards and should work on many different Desktop Environments, but they are not that well tested for now. Get them here for menc and riptoh264 and place them into your Desktop folder. They should work basically the same way that the Windows icons mentioned above are doing.

Have fun,


01. April 2013 von fangorn
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rework of riptoh264 and other updates

As I have the opportunity to test it thoroughly I have given riptoh264 some work.

A few new features are available now, additionally to some bug fixes.

  •  optionally give output directory
  • optionally give temporary working directory
  • file-/directorynames may contain whitespace and other strange characters now
  • input files/directories can contain relative or absolute paths now
  • wildcard parsing for input files/directories
  • automatically skips unprocessable input data
  • automatically tries to encode the video without cropping parameters if cropping fails

toolbox_fangorn and avi2mkv  have some bug fixes also.

Please run install again to update the programs


01. April 2013 von fangorn
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Sorry for the new theme, A WordPress update was forced on me

After a click on a force update button the new theme is the best I could find in minutes.


01. April 2013 von fangorn
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menc is out of beta

Hello, all,

after testing menc for a while now I have reduced the number of known bugs to zero.

So menc is now officially out of beta phase.

The Toolbox has gotten some error corrections also.

Please run your install script again to get the new versions of the script. It will only download the scripts.

Have fun,


25. März 2013 von fangorn
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Basic operation tested on all platforms

In the process of getting the install process working on all supported platforms I have created new versions of the scripts. Functionality is not changed (and still wildly untested on most platforms), just the way they are looking for additional programs is different.

Please use the changed install process to do a fresh installation.

Have fun,


20. Januar 2013 von fangorn
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